Difference Between Concrete and Cement

Why Hiring a Concrete Contractor?

There is a general misconception between concrete and cement; therefore, in this blog post, we will explain what the main differences are and how to distinguish them. In other words, cement is the bonding agent that is used in concrete, and therefore they are not the same materials. To put it in a way everybody understands, we can say that cement is similar to concrete as flour is to a cake, juts an element of the mix, but not the mix itself.

concrete constructionA proper concrete mix has the following materials: Cement 15%, stone 45%, sand 3%. water 8 to 10%, and some other chemicals, less than 1%. The original mix of concrete works so well that the concrete used in Roman times to build the Coliseum doesn’t differ much from the one we use nowadays. Another reason why concrete is so affordable when compared to other building materials is because the raw material used can be found all around the world, and in most cities, you can find at least one concrete construction company. One of concrete’s main benefits is that it is bounded with stone. You can use practically any type so that makes it is Eco-friendly and helps local economy. To find the right concrete contractor around your home, willing to help you out with any project of yours, you need to ask your family, friends, neighbors, including colleagues for references.

Currently, cement comes in 2 forms: Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic. It refers to any cement that uses water to start a chemical action that hardens the mixture and, once fashioned, it creates a waterproof product. This makes it an awfully versatile construction material. Most of cement used nowadays square measure the hydraulic form.

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